Earthē Living

Eco-Stays + Mindful Members Club

Eco-luxury living spaces in inspiring places across the country.

LIVE.VISIT.WORK.PLAY on the fly with flexible leases, workspaces, and memberships to fit any lifestyle. 
Rent-by-room or rent-by-home from 1 month to 1 year.

Founding Members Pre-Sale Opportunity Now (only 100 spots available)

*Applications are subject to approval.

*Application fees are non-refundable. 

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Live the Life You Deserve

As a generation of people, we prefer to spend our money at businesses aligned with our values. Especially since we’re often overworked just trying to make ends meet.

At the end of the day, we are striving to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle and our homes should support this. Yet, we have limited choices when it comes to finding healthy, sustainable places to live, that are within our budgets.

With Earthē you can have it all… more than a place to crash – a place to thrive.

What We Stand For

Accessible Luxury

Making fair-priced, eco-luxury living an opportunity for many! Bridging the economic divide.


Designed to elevate life and tread lightly on the planet. Climate-smart design that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing quality-of-life

Social Sandbox

No one summits alone. It’s far more interesting when everyone is not the same, leverage the best in others and offer the most of yourself.

Elevated Lifestyle

Let JOY be your north star… bliss out, be a ray of sunshine, stay in flow, have fun, show gratitude and ooze optimism.

What You Get with Membership

A subscription to Earthē unlocks premier access to designer-quality accommodations, premium amenities and retreat- lifestyle experiences that foster a deeper connection to yourself, others and everything else

Eco-Luxury Stays

Rejuvenating getaways or long term retreats. Flex lease options to designer quality accommodations + hospitality

Feel Good Events & Culture Soaks

We build feel good experiences into everyday life.

Live, Work, and Socialize in Booming, Beautiful Locales

Just what you wanted, right where you wanted it.

Mindful Living

Mind. Body. Values. You can have it all. A home that's better for you and the planet too.

*Membership subject to application approval

Our Amenities

Cultural, Educational, Wellness Events

On-Site Experience Manager

Access to Free Wi-Fi

Fitness/Wellness Center

Co-Working Zone

Access to Concierge Services

Edible Gardens & Lush Landscapes

24-hour Emergency Maintenance

Dipping Pool

Car & Bike Sharing Options

Access to Private Parking

Access to Tidy ups

Our Locations

Beautiful, Booming Destination's

We are located in nature-rich cities with vibrant music, art, culinary, and entertainment scenes, where locally-owned businesses & services cater to a holistic lifestyle

Each location is in close proximity to transportation, employment and urban amenities to eliminate the stress and hassles of long commutes

Austin, TX
Bend, OR
Boulder, CO
Nashville, TN
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Our Eco-luxury Stays

Earthē ‘s ambiance is designed to embrace the rich natural settings of Earth’s essence with a nature-based aura of colors, textures, scents and sounds to inspire harmony of mind, body, and being while delivering a rejuvenating getaway vibe

Designed and built to elevate life & tread lightly on the planet

Memberships Benefits

Premier access to accommodations, amenities & events

Reset and refresh any time and any place with access to epic events, mindful experiences, and meaningful connections, including on-demand happenings in our digital twin ​

Flex length of stays in our eco-residences

Access to welcoming workspaces, inspiring destinations, including concierge conveniences, discounted rates, monthly perks and preferred bookings

Why Pre-apply with Us?

Membership availability is limited , we encourage you to pre-apply for memberships before registration is closed!

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