In a moment, everything changed. With the onset of COVID-19, the entire world was suddenly forced to change our habits and take a long, hard look at the way we’ve been living, working, and connecting. This unexpected disruption blindsided almost every industry and shook the foundations of the global economy. The fallout continues today, and many of the companies who are thriving in this new era are adaptive, resilient and able to be classified as ‘essential businesses’. Furthering the need for Aashna Living, positioned at the forefront of an innovative and necessary industry shift within today’s housing market. Now, more than ever, we need spaces that encourage prosocial behavior while having access to nature and still being in proximity to urban amenities.

Social disconnection, loneliness, and climate impact were already a national crisis before COVID-19, and Aashna Living intends to address this crisis head on. By providing high quality, budget and resource-friendly residences with programming and activities focused on wellness, connection, and personal and professional growth, we’re providing much needed resources and community for our residents while coexisting with the planet’s resources. Further, the traditional real estate development model has resulted in a systematically fractured housing landscape generally segregated by class, race, income, and life stage. Due to the loss of income and job security as a result of COVID-19, this problem is likely to only get worse.

Enter Aashna Living: a community-based, technology-forward, wellness-enabled, real estate platform. We are creating beautiful, budget friendly, eco-conscious wellness lifestyle communities that are part social club and part resort-like living, in some of the most vibrant and nature-rich cities throughout the United States. From a public health perspective, contact with nature is essential for our emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. During the current lockdown, many people are cut off from nature, especially in large cities. Aashna mitigates this issue by building communities that feature ample green spaces with homes that are built to live in harmony with nature. Being in nature has innumerable positive impacts. Some include: reduction of noise and air pollution; increased physical activity and productivity, better sleep, and reduction of stress and anxiety. Aashna communities include on-site programming that encourages physical, outdoor and wellness activities.

Aashna’s developments maximize convenience, community, health, wellbeing and financial accessibility. These built environments are ideal and highly desirable for people who are yearning to connect, live, work, and cultivate a healthier lifestyle in a post-pandemic world. Benefits of visiting, staying or living at Aashna are bountiful:

• The atmosphere encourages our residents and guests to get outside, increase their physical activity, sleep better, and reduce stress and anxiety.

• Curated culture and lifestyle designed activities lay a foundation for deep authentic relating and friendships

• Aashna’s use of low and non-toxic materials helps minimize exposure, reduces allergies, asthma, stress and improves the quality of sleep of residents.

• Private units make social distancing effortless, while communal common areas and ample outdoor spaces provide rare opportunities to safely connect with neighbors and friends alike.

• Our locations are within close proximity to employment, entertainment, and urban conveniences to avoid the stress of a commuting hassle as well.

• Positioned to take advantage of our greatest free resource: nature, you can spend 1 month to 1 year in some of the most vibrant and nature-rich cities throughout the United States.

• Providing built in work-from-anywhere capabilities for those of us who choose, or are required, to work remotely.

The team at Aashna is confidently marching forward into a future climate of unknown unknowns. The business model stands on a solid ground, ready to manage previous, current and future market shifts. Aashna Living is an essential purpose-built business. We will create developments in cities that are growing and thriving in the “new normal,” with our investments adding to the existing organic growth and allowing our communities to have the best of all worlds: an eco-conscious community culture that promotes responsible living, wellbeing, connectivity and a healthy housing option that meets modern-day residents lifestyle preferences.