Aashna FAQ

What is co-lifestyle?
– Co -Lifestyle | meaning | Housing that delivers the lifestyle preferences of the community it aims to serve. Co-lifestyle is a choice and unlike other co-living and shared housing models, it is built for short and long-term stays. Aashna’s co-lifestyle is an integrated lifestyle experience fostering friendship, wellbeing and like-hearted connections. 

What is co-living?
– Shared housing in an affordable furnished bedroom in an apartment or home. Has a
strong focus on millennials and young professionals. Traditionally short-term solution, usually out of necessity.

What are the minimum/maximum lease terms?
Live in a private room or a private suite for one month to one year.
– We offer short term stays (1 month to 1 year), our shares are 3 months to 1 year & the 2
br suites are 1 year.

Am I too young or too old for Aashna?
– It’s designed for everyone.

What are the benefits of being a member?
– On-demand concierge service app that simplifies & enhances your life. Flexible lease
terms. Inclusive diverse cultural experience. Thriving social ecosystem. Connectivity,
planned activities and social experiences. Curated programming for mind, body &
health. Close proximity to urban lifestyle conveniences and transportation. Well-being
across many dimensions. Co-existence, connectedness, health, freedom. Healthy
lifestyle. Weekly educational & inspirational events. Green spaces. Edible gardens.
Bicycle and car-sharing.

What types of social events?
– Life-changing experiences. Inspired conversations , on-site and virtual workshops on
wellness, social impact, sustainability, nutrition, and more. Human connection. Mind,
body, well being. Yoga, breathwork, sound baths, and more. Sunday brunch. Weekly
dinners. Music, art, dance, poetry, movie nights. Monthly half day retreats,and

What is climate resilience?
– Managing the depletion of natural resources by using energy, water and other
resources responsibly and efficiently.

Who are the Suites best suited for?
– Small families or individuals who prefer a private home office or a guest room.

Who are the Stays best suited for?
– Explorers, travelers, vacationers, mobile professionals and creatives.
Who are the Shares best suited for?
– Seasonal travelers, global citizens, digital nomads, new residents, single professionals,
artists, musicians, curious characters looking to discover the area.

Is there laundry on-site?
– There are laundry machines in every unit.
What are the hours for the communal areas?
– Essentially 24 hour access available to residents. The golden rule of cooperative
housing is always to treat others as you’d like to be treated and to be mindful and

When are quiet hours?
– From 11pm – 7am on weeknights and 12am to 9am on weekends.

Are there in-suite kitchens?
– There are kitchens in every unit.

How do the shared vehicles and bicycles work?
– Speak to the community manager, location specific. For more information, please email hello@aashnaliving.com

How do you match housemates?
– We use sophisticated technology with matching algorithms, in addition to a curated
questionnaire that matches likes, dislikes, personalities & behaviors for compatibility.
We prefer to schedule a meet-up during a social event to further gauge your
compatibility whenever possible.

How many people will I be living with?
– The Shares are 1 person per room, a maximum of 3 total in the Suites and a maximum
of 4 total in Stays. Rest assured, whatever your needs or requirements are, we will do
our best to manage your lifestyle changes over the long-term.

Are there penalties for early lease termination?
– If something comes up and you need to terminate your agreement, we require 30
days’ notice. You will be responsible to pay your rent for the last 30 days as well as an
early termination fee which is calculated as $20 multiplied by the number of days
remaining on the term of your agreement.

What amenities and services does Aashna Living provide?
– Cultural, Educational, Health and Wellbeing Experiences, On-site Community Manager,
Members Only Hospitality Portal and App, Wellness Center, No to low VOC’s, Green
Living, Resource Friendly Environment Package Room, Members Lounge, Access to Free
High Speed Internet, Event Space, Printing Accessibility, Edible Gardens, Co-working
Zone, Lounge, Dipping Pool, Car and Bike sharing options, 24-Hour Emergency
Maintenance and more.

What are the move-in costs?
– For a Share: One month rent
– For a Suite: One month rent & security deposit
– For a Stay: 25% deposit charged upon booking

What is the on-site smoking policy?
– No smoking indoors. There is a designated outdoor smoking area.

Does management ever come into the homes?
– With 24 hour notice for general repairs and maintenance. In the event of an
emergency, we reserve the right to enter at any time.

How do we handle disputes with other residents?
– We offer best practices for conflict resolution in our How to Be an Epic Roommate
handbook. Interpersonal conflict is a creative opportunity for personal growth and
greater connection for all parties involved. Whenever possible, we encourage
roommates to have mature adult conversations and work out any differences and
disagreements between themselves. In the event of an irreconcilable issue, our
property managers are available for mediation.

Do you have corporate housing options available?
– Yes

Can I rent two rooms and live alone?
– Absolutely

Why Asheville?
– Vibrant arts, music, entertainment and culinary scene. Green spaces. Tech hubs.
Urban amenities combined with neighborhood charm. Access to remarkable nature
and economic opportunities.

Do you have parking on-site?
– Yes, as well as a car sharing program

Do the homes have central air?
– Yes

Do all homes have the same features?
– No, there are three different styles with three different aesthetics.

What is your security deposit amount?
– 1 month of rent

Am I responsible for any utilities?
– Gas and water is included in all accommodations. Electric and Wi-Fi is included only in
Stays and in common areas.

What essential items are stocked or provided?
– Common buildings have free Wi-Fi, Apple TV with access to Prime Video, Netflix and
more. Stays are all-inclusive, fully furnished, and come with basic kitchen supplies,
queen beds, free-WiFi Smart TV, linens, towels, coffee and tea. For Suites and Shares,
members have the ability to personalize their spaces with the decor and products
they prefer.

Can I have guests stay over?
– Yes, defer to House Rules for details.

How and when do I pay each month?
– Payment is processed through the membership portal.

Can I sublease or rent my room on airbnb?
– No.

Can I let a friend stay in my room for a week?
– Defer to the House Rules for details.

What’s your current availability?
We expect to be ready to host members by the first quarter of 2021. Please subscribe to our
email list for occasional updates. and/or request book a tour on the web-site

How often will my unit be cleaned?
Short term Stays and shared areas will be cleaned weekly. Additional cleaning services are
available depending upon your membership.

Why should I stay at Aashna over an AirBnb or hotel?
You enjoy access to a built-in social network, with various activities and itineraries at your
fingertips, in addition to our coworking lounge, wellness programming and on-site and
off-site events. Rest assured knowing your resort-like accommodations are healthy and