Earthē Living

Not Just Lip Service, We Deliver!

Impact Action Plan

We are using measurable tools to help qualify our social performance and
ecological resilience, from inception — not just as an afterthought. We will be measuring
performance and progress using an aggregate of indicators, from the UN SDG list to the new ESG best
practices and reporting metrics based on People, Planet, Prosperity and Principles of governance.

We will focus on a handful of achievable goals for improving members lives and minimizing the
environmental impact of local neighborhoods we are built in. 

Goals include but not limited to:


• Providing high-quality, fair-priced sustainable housing
• Providing healthy and inclusive activities to facilitate positive social connections for
our members

• Accelerating local economic growth and resilience efforts
• Establishing a development system and playbook to help decarbonize the local
housing stock – encouraging local energy planning participation

For each goal, we select clear indicators and establish community/neighborhood-specific outcomes. We collect data using member surveys, interviews with local planning commissions and resilience experts in addition to applying the best practices of known leaders in the industry. This process not only helps us in attaining our goals and Earthē’s mission- it also allows us to develop valuable content, experiences, and development systems when needed. We believe this methodology will allow us to track, and analyze our performance as accurately as possible.