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Plant, plants – plants are the bio-technology we are so desperately seeking and counting on to remove the CO2 – it’s that simple. Plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen during photosynthesis. They actually remove CO2.


In order to participate in healing a national wound Americans can contribute by doing random acts of kindness for our fellow black citizens the same way random acts of violence have been haunting them for years … thanks for this advice, Chris Rock

Create or join a community garden and help harvest the produce to donate to local food pantries.

man relaxing looking at a lake


A map to your greatest joy… take time to listen to the call of your soul that seeks to live through you. Schedule time for you, get out of fight or flight mode, take five minutes to just breathe and nurture your inner whispers. If you listen, your inner guide will take you to true happiness and show you your life’s work.

Be the joy, be the love you seek, it is amazing how this can change the day. 

Spend time in nature and sunlight ( vitamin D ), doing yoga, energy work or getting a massage can help release any emotional blockages so that a healthy flow of life can move through you.